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Welcome to Wisdom and Extra! We share the stories and experiences of real female business leaders, in hopes of inspiring and uplifting other women along their own journey of success.

In each episode Joan and Nora, two colleagues with a 20 year age gap, interview women of various ages and walks of life who have one thing in common – they have seen success in business and are willing to share their wisdom about how they became “extra.”  The discussions include pivotal moments, nuggets of knowledge, and challenges overcome – making the podcast a marketplace of women’s voices, visions, experiences, and ideas that, when shared, may encourage a listener to open a door for herself.

Because of their 20 year age gap, Joan and Nora have a unique admiration for each other, and varying perspectives on reaching success at different ages. This generational dynamic leads to thoughtful questions that can sometimes lead to surprising answers from guests.  But what each episode of the podcast boils down to is that no matter the life experience, all women have a unique story to share from which each generation can learn. 

Everyone has wisdom to impart, but the great ones are all a little bit “extra!”

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Joan V. Scirrotto is a marketing professional with over 30 years of experience in advertising and marketing. She and her husband, Ron have raised two fabulous children and reside in sunny Florida. She’s an entrepreneur, a risk-taker, and the Vice President of a marketing agency, Blue Gorilla Digital and the co-host of an electric vehicle test-drive YouTube channel. Most recently, Joan is the creator of the Wisdom & Extra podcast, which she uses as a mechanism to lift other women by giving them a platform to share their expertise and express their creative takes on life.


A 15-year hospitality communications professional, Nora has worked with clients in the hotel, destination, cruise, food, and beauty industries, promoting their brands and achieving profit goals through social media, online marketing, and community and media relations. She started her career with Marriott International and later moved agency-side with a NYC-based hospitality PR firm. During her tenure there, she worked with international cruise lines, top travel destinations and coordinated efforts on internationally recognized events in the food industry. In 2013 Nora was tapped as Director of Corporate Communications for a FL-based hotel management company, where she launched more than 40 hotels and managed the PR and social media efforts for 100+ properties – ranging from select service to luxury resorts — across the country. Born into a family of entrepreneurs, Nora always had an entrepreneurial spirit, so in January 2020 she decided to form Farrell PR (Farrell being an ode to her father and her maiden name) with the goal of providing business owners the knowledge, resources, and support to share their business’ story successfully.

“A strong woman knows she has strength enough for the journey, but a woman of strength knows it is in the journey where she will become strong.”



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